Finally! You can teach your struggling reader with a program that really works.

Teaching your child to read yourself - using the SAME proven methods the experts use - is the best way to transform your struggling reader into a confident reader.

BOLD Reader is an online reading program that actually comes with a personal reading specialist to help you every step of the way.

  • 104 fun, easy-to-teach lessons.
  • Expert training and live Q&A Sessions.
  • An accountability coach for you, plus rewards for your child.

104 fun, EFFECTIVE, easy-to-teach lessons.

Expert training and LIVE Q&A sessions.

An accountability coach for you - plus rewards for your child - to make sure you follow through.

In the first six weeks of doing the program, our daughter's reading level went up a whole grade level. While that is truly impressive, more important to us, her confidence has skyrocketed!

- Hannah 

Are you starting to panic because your child is falling behind in school?
If you're like most of the parents I work with, you're feeling worried, anxious and confused about what to do next.
It's time for you to step in so they can...
  • meet and exceed grade level benchmarks
  • feel confident at school
  • read books "just for fun"
  • do homework without your help

(And so you can relax and stop worrying!)

Yes, this will work. Even if your child...

  • has dyslexia, ADHD, autism or developmental delays 
  • forgets letter names and confuses look-alike letters like b and d
  • has trouble sounding out simple words
  • turns homework time into a huge battle

BOLD Reader works for all sorts of kids. As long as you stick with it, your child will become a confident reader.

Introducing BOLD Reader

The best way to transform your struggling reader into a strong reader.

Sample Screenshots...

My son has really struggled with learning to read. He was always behind in Kindergarten and 1st grade. Then we started this program and he has improved by leaps and bounds in just 4 weeks. His school teacher is amazed. I’m so glad we found you!

- Aubrey (Andy's Mom)

What is Included in BOLD Reader?

READXYZ Curriculum

Our online program consists of 104 effective, fun, easy-to-teach lessons, plus decodable readers & 100's of games - all in one spot. The curriculum starts with letter sounds and moves up through fluency.

(In technical terms: READXYZ is a research-based, evidence-based, multi-sensory and comprehensive structured literacy program that blends exercises in phonemic awareness, synthetic phonics, spelling and fluency.)

Weekly Q&A Calls & Training

Our curriculum is simple to teach - but sometimes you need a cheerleader to keep you going - or an expert to give you some guidance. Whenever you need extra support, join us for our weekly LIVE Zoom calls. Learn helpful tips and tricks - and get all of your questions answered.

Accountability Coach to Check In

Have you ever been excited to start a program, but then you lose your mojo and it just ends up making you feel guilty? We all have - but not this time!! You will have an accountability coach who will personally reach out to you with regular progress reports, advice and encouragement to make sure you succeed. 

Community Support

Join a community of parents - all on a mission to help their kids become fluent readers. Our kids' results are a direct reflection of the actions we take, so we commit to each other to keep moving forward! 

Rewards along the way!

Your child will earn cute keychains as they complete each module in the program.

"BOLD READER is so much more than a reading program. It's a whole system of training, support, and accountability to make sure you actually use the system."

Plus you'll get these AMAZING Bonuses....

Bonus 1*: Magnetic Letter Set & Progress Map ($30 Value)

*While Supplies Last. We only have 198 sets available. Once they're gone, they're gone - so act fast!

Bonus 2: 25 Readers - Online & Printable Versions ($50 Value)

Get access to our delightful word family readers. Read them online anytime, or download and print.

Bonus 3: Fix Letter Reversals Printable Workbook ($20 Value)

Many kids confuse letters - b and d especially. With practice, letters reversals are easy to overcome.

We have tried so many things that haven't worked. But this program is different. Nate went from reading 12 words per minute to 75 words per minute. His special ed teacher is SO excited for him - and Nate is so proud of himself. Thank you!!

- Cara (Speech Therapist and Mom)

Most people think they need to hire a professional, but the truth is, YOU have what it takes to fix this.

The average cost of professional reading therapy is $50 an hour - 3 times a week for 3 years. That's $23,400! Very few parents have that kind of money - and NO struggling reader has that much time to wait. They need to catch up NOW. Our clients prove over and over again that you don't have to be a reading specialist to teach your child to read.

If you're like the parents we meet everyday, you might be wondering...

  • Will they ever catch up?
  • Will they have to repeat a grade?
  • Will their self esteem ever recover?
  • Will I have to help them with their homework forever?
  • Will they graduate from high school or college?
  • Will they be able to get a good job?

Every month you "wait and see" is a month they fall further behind.

But the fact that you're here says that you are ready to tackle this problem once and for all. You won't have to worry anymore - you've got this!

Hiring a reading therapist to teach your child 1:1 would cost several hundred per month…thousands per year...for 2 or 3 years.

BOLD Reader will save you thousands of dollars, and take a fraction of the time.

We're trying to help a million kids -
not make a million dollars.

You can join BOLD Reader for a special founding member price of only $27 a month. (Or $247 for a lifetime).

Monthly Access


Per Month

  • Effective Curriculum
  • Training, Support & Community
  • Accountability & Motivation
  • Add more kids for $10 each
  • Cancel anytime

Lifetime Access



  • Effective Curriculum
  • Training, Support & Community
  • Accountability & Motivation
  • Add more kids for $60 each
  • Cancel in 14 days for a refund


Here's WHAT YOU GET when you join …

FOUNDING Member Special Pricing

$27 a month - or $247 lifetime

INCLUDES: Effective curriculum, training, weekly Live Q&A calls, expert webinars, personal check-ins, keychain rewards, magnetic board and letter set (while supplies last), progress map and stickers, word family readers and our  letter reversal workbook....All backed by a zero-risk guarantee.

Meet the Founder, Lisa Llewellyn

Hi! I’m so excited that you’re interested in joining BOLD Reader. If we haven’t met before, I’m Lisa Llewellyn - a reading therapist, instructional designer & mother to 5 sons - including one with severe dyslexia.

I spent too much money ($37k!) - wasted too many years (4!) - and cried too many tears - helping my son learn to read fluently.

I finally figured out the way I SHOULD have done it, so I started to provide 1-on-1 online reading therapy to new and struggling readers.

I often meet parents who can't afford private reading therapy. It breaks my heart, so I decided to make my curriculum available to parents like you - parents who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

I quickly realized that what parents REALLY need is a guide - someone to train them, hold their hand and walk beside them to make sure they follow through - even when their child throws a fit - or they feel like giving up themselves.

BOLD Reader isn't just an amazing reading curriculum - it's a whole support system to ensure your child's success.

I look forward to teaching you everything I've learned the HARD, LONG, EXPENSIVE way...
So you can do it the FAST, SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE way instead.

Got Questions? Here's what you'll want to know before joining...

YES! This program works GREAT for neuro-typical kids, but MOST of our kids actually have some kind of learning disability or developmental delay. The program works for kids with dyslexia and/or phonological awareness deficits, ADHD, autism, auditory processing disorder, speech disorders, low IQ, undiagnosed disabilities and other difficulties.

The curriculum starts with letter sounds and moves up to about a 5th grade level, so most of our students are between the ages of 4 and 10 - but the program works great for older students who are reading below grade level as well. 

Yes, you can cancel a monthly membership anytime! You can cancel from inside your membership dashboard or you can email our team at any time to cancel, no questions asked. (Lifetime memberships can be canceled within the first 14 days for a full refund.)

I built this program because I couldn’t find anything out there just like it! I wanted to create something that could support you – the parent of a struggling reader. We don't just sell you the program and send you on your way - we support and encourage you every step of the way. When you jump into our membership, you’ll start with quick and easy training videos. You’ll start teaching - and getting results - the very first day. Then, we'll support you with weekly Q&A calls. An accountability coach will regularly check in to see how you're doing. 

The call times vary week-to-week, but don’t worry! All calls will be recorded in case you miss one. You can also submit your questions in advance if you know you aren't going to be able to make the call live, and you can also ask questions to the community as part of the Facebook Group.

Here’s the reality… I can provide everything you need, but I can’t make you IMPLEMENT it. If you do the work with your child, you will absolutely get results. And you can see testimonial after testimonial from my previous clients who have achieved incredible improvements in their child's reading skills. If you work with your child until they master every lesson, they will be able to read chapter books by the end of the program.

If you aren't happy with the program for any reason, monthly memberships can be canceled any time, and lifetime memberships can be cancelled in the first 14 days for a refund.

You might want to teach your child yourself... But you don't have to do it BY yourself!


Join BOLD Reader!